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Current and Future Trends of the Developments and Advancement in Telecommunications Free Essay Example, 1750 words

The white paper published by Cisco (2011) has emphasized current trends that continue to shape the work setting including increasing applications of video communications, mobile communications and the continuing upgrades to the use of smartphones in varied work endeavors. This was corroborated by Gill, Kamath, Gill (2012) who closely evaluated the use and impact of smartphones in the health care environment. The authors cited a Gartner study which revealed that by 2012, the top ten smartphone apps would include money transfer, location-based services, search, browsing, health monitoring, mobile payment, near-field communication service, advertising, Internet messaging, and music . In health care, smartphones were noted to be significantly used in the areas of providing health information to patients, continued access and connectivity to health practitioners, scheduling for medical appointments or medical examinations, to name a few. However, despite the apparent benefits, Gill, Kam ath, Gill (2012) have likewise revealed that the use of smartphones in the healthcare setting poses risks, threats and safety issues for health care practitioners who are using these and also to their patients. From among the negative effects noted from smartphone use include: exposure and possible contamination from bacteria-laden smartphones, especially in high-risk areas, to wit: a study conducted at a health care organization in Ireland to test the bacteria-carrying potential of cellular phones showed that, of the 70% cellular phones tested for bacteria that could cause infection, 96% were contaminated and 15% had bacteria known to cause healthcare-associated infections .We will write a custom essay sample on Current and Future Trends of the Developments and Advancement in Telecommunications or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now Overall, it is recognized that the significant changes and transformations in the telecommunications environment have affected contemporary work settings in terms of the need to re-evaluate current strategies, plans, internal competencies, and weaknesses.

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The Management Style Of The Teacher Sets The Tone For The...

The management style of the teacher sets the tone for the learning environment. I believe students can be taught to self-discipline. Most students are naturally good, and with the right management plan being implemented by the teacher they can be conditioned to be idea students. Students should be viewed as being equals in the learning environment. Students should not be considered subordinates within the classroom who have little to nothing to add to the principles and rules adopted by the teacher to govern the class. Consequently, I believe in establishing a democratic classroom. Teachers should give students the responsibility to, in a sense, take over the classroom and their learning. As William Glasser states in his Control Theory , the only person with the ability to change the behavior of a human is that human. Therefore, it is important for the teacher to establish an environment where students are aware of their actions and the consequences of their actions. This type of management plan holds the students semi-responsible for their behavior and safety. Classroom management is a community affair between the students and the teacher. As an educator, I view myself as being a democratic teacher. I’m assertive and understandable. I believe in establishing an environment where the students have values, respect, trust, and a drive from within. Therefore, I see my management role as being a collaborative process with the students, parents,Show MoreRelatedEssay on Classroom Leadership: Field Experience Analysis1227 Words   |  5 PagesEffective leaders and teachers understand how students learn, classroom designs, and teacher strategies enhance student learning. The theoretical underpinnings of successful classroom management stem from many factors to construct a learning environment. Students come into the classrooms, according to Levy (2008), with different personalities, abilities, and learning styles. Educators instruct all learners to meet the standards for their district and state. The observation of school mission willRead MoreTeaching Philosophy: Encouragement Essay595 Words   |  3 P agespurposes of education are varies. The principle changes with age, environment, and the customs of the individual student. The instructions good for one may not be good for another. Kindergarten has a totally different set of priorities than middle school students. Middle school students have a totally different set of priorities than High school students. I would love to teach a diverse group of students, including those with learning disabilities, those who perform at grade level, and those who areRead MoreLearning Theories That Can Be Understood And Enforced By Administrators1676 Words   |  7 Pagescourse work. The thing to remember about learning is that it is ever changing. Teachers must adapt in order to accommodate the new learning styles presented throughout a period of time. When thinking of learning, change is a main concept that should be understood and enforced by administrators. Teachers know what works for them and what works for their students. The education 500 class has taught students that understanding their own styles of learning can help better instruct those around themRead MoreThe Importance Of A Leadership And Teamwork751 Words   |  4 Pageswell as build strong teams to support the vision of the school. Teachers are comfortable when working in their individual classrooms isolated from the rest of the school. However, collaboration is vital to student achievement, student performance and teacher success. Teachers can no longer work in isolation. It takes teamwork and collaborative shared efforts to maximize student learning and student achievement. The leader sets the tone for everything that happens in a school. Therefore, it is theRead MoreIntroduction. What Is God’S Way In A Classroom?Reflecting1717 Words   |  7 Pagestoday’s society. Christian teachers should support students and extend the student’s awareness that the entire world is God’s creation. (Brummelen, 2009) It is important to understand what an effective teacher is. â€Å"An effective teacher endows pupils with analytical and critical skills and instilment of the capacity for individual study. (Lavy, 2016) If a teacher was creating goals for the up-coming school year, it would be to establish a positive learning environment that is productive and incorporatesRead MoreThe University New Haven Teachers Institute1344 Words   |  6 Pages I am presently employed by Yale University in the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute ®. We are a small, unique department with our own endowment that functions under the Provost s office. We are almost like a virtual operation because we have little or no formal structure when compared to other departments in the University. We have a small staff of individuals who have a specific job/role in the Institute. We have a Director, an Associate Director, a Web Designer, a Database Developer, an AdministratorRead MoreAnnotated Bibliography On Learning Theories1744 Words   |  7 PagesLiberty University Customized Learning Theory Learning, as defined by Slavin (2012), is â€Å"a change in an individual caused by experience† (p. 116). Learning can occur intentionally or unintentionally. All learning, however, is stimulated by something that is the learner (student) has encountered. As an instructor, your goal every day is to use the right stimuli to capture the student’s attention so they can absorb the knowledge you are trying to share. Learning Theories For years, there haveRead MoreClassroom Management And The Classroom1455 Words   |  6 PagesClassroom management refers to methods applied by an educator to ensure that students remain organized, attentive, and focused throughout a class in a productive way. Student’s discipline has for a long time been considered as the ultimate measure of a well-managed class which is false since classroom management is dependent on a compound of factors as opposed to a single factor (Cangelosi, 2014). Given that students and teachers spend a considerable amount of time in the classroom, it’s essentialRead MorePersonal Statement On Self Management Essay979 Words   |  4 Pagesphysically safe environment. It also necessitates establishing clear expectations, rules and procedures so students know what to do and when to do it, it requires advanced planning of pertinent, collaborative, and enjoyable lessons that challenge children to achieve their best work, and it begs the developm ent of fair and consistent relationships based on respect and understanding. I believe that teaching means recognizing each student as diverse and unique, with different learning styles and intelligencesRead MoreDeveloping A Strong Classroom Management Style1513 Words   |  7 Pagesability to learn and achieve. Classroom management plays a major role in the effectiveness of education and paves the way for the teacher to engage students in learning. Classroom management creates a set of expectations, routines, rules, and consequences. Through my experience at Olson Elementary, I have had the privilege of observing Ms. Mason, her students, and how she addresses classroom management. Every teacher has their own approach on classroom management, but essentially instills and models

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Precious Blood Free Essays

Blood Diamond is a movie that was cast by Leonardo DiCaprio, Djimon Hounsou and Jennifer Connelly and was directed by Edward Zwick’s. The movie was set in Sierra Leone Civil War in South Africa. The role of Hounsou was a fisherman while DiCarpio was a white mercenary gun smuggler that sells guns to rebellions in exchange of money while Connelly was an American journalist that wants to expose the illegal and mistreating of the diamond miners in Africa. We will write a custom essay sample on Precious Blood or any similar topic only for you Order Now Connelly was the only cast in the movie that has no intent on diamonds. (Burr, 2006) The movie was all about the quest of DiCarpio and Hounsou to reveal the pink diamond which they believe that the pink diamond will change their lives. Hounsou was a fisherman who was taken away from his family so that he can work in the diamond field. While in prison, DiCarpio found out that Hounsou had an idea of the pink diamond. The major quest of Hounsou was to find his family but found out that his family was in the hands of the United Nations. But the son of Hounsou was kidnapped by the diamond miner terrorist and was forced to become a child soldier. With this, the two men joined in finding the missing pink diamond because the said diamond will help Hounsou saves his family from the hands of the rebels while DiCarpio will find a second life. With the help of Connelly, the three will reveal the truth behind the issues surrounding the diamond industry in South Africa. (Burr, 2006) The story of Blood Diamond mirrors the reality of some country-the rebels using their resources in finding weapons that they can use against the government. Many countries are now experiencing this kind of problem and affect the performance of the government in serving its citizen. This is a positive side of the film because it tackles some of the major problems in countries, terrorism. The setting of the movie is perfect for the purpose, and message of the movie. It shows the lives of many African people and shows how sad are the lives of these Africans. The major casts of the movie play their role efficiently. Like Hounsou who played as a rebel kidnapped. As the quest begins in finding his son, the emotion as a father was seen on Hounsou. The movie Blood Diamond showed mistake in doing the film. First, is the scene were DiCarpio and Connelly share the wine and the rd cup they used appear and disappear with out explanation. Another movie mistakes is when the child soldiers were seen using a Game Boy Advance SP. The video game was released in the market on 2003 while the film was set in 1900s. Also, when Solomon was fishing in the morning, the sun rise over the sea which is contrast to reality that the sun rise over land. The Casts DiCarpio had a character that is flat and one dimensional only at the start of the movie. But as he entered to the real world of diamond industry in Sierra Leone, he became strong, and well rounded. At first, DiCarpio shows a virtue of a smuggler, a liar but as the movie goes; his brutal honesty reveals the illegal diamond business in Sierra Leone.   Hounsou shows was successful in making a character that is strong and is determined in regaining back his son from the diamond rebels. And sometimes, he induced anger, compassion and hopelessness.   Jennifer Connelly was a American journalist that seeks and wants to reveal the illegal diamond business in Sierra Leone. She cooperates with DiCarpio and Hounsou in her quest. The acting of the three major casts played their role in well. This is a good characteristic of the film because it shows the reality in South Africa. The film ends when Hounsou reveals to the people his experience in the diamond rebels and the illegal of the said business. The film was very interesting because it show to the audience what really happens in some part of the world. The producer of Blood Diamond would like to impart to the audience to become aware to this serious issue that will make a one step towards in minimizing these problems. Reference: Burr, T. (2006). Blood Diamond Movie Review [Electronic Version]. Retrieved May 25, 2007 from How to cite Precious Blood, Essay examples